Ron Tindall: Parliamentary Candidate for Rayleigh & Wickford

National Politics

Ron Tindall has spent many years as a local and county councillor, he is a former trade union organiser, and is an ardent campaigner against domestic abuse.  Not content with all that, Ron dedicated six years to earning a BA in history with first class honours from the Open University. It’s the same road travelled by other OU alumni such as actor Sir Lenny Henry, model Jerry Hall and actress Julie Christie.  He is therefore very concerned about budget cuts to our education services.  

Ron helped Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes in a number of his successful campaigns

He told the Rayleigh & Eastwood Times “I look forward to fighting for the Liberal Democrats in the Rayleigh and Wickford seat. The Lib Dems want the whole Brexit issue cancelled so that the country can get back to the really important issues affecting our country and indeed the whole world. Our government should spend the next decade dealing with the environmental crisis, not arguing about Brexit and its aftermath. We should be fixing the NHS not spending years negotiating trade deals with Europe and the rest of the world. Please be assured leaving the EU is just the start. Unless we put a stop to it now it will go on and on. Voting Conservative is to vote for more of the same”.

“This Tory government has done – and continues to do – untold damage to this country with their hard, right-wing policies. They must be challenged and challenged again to restore a caring and decent society that works for everyone – not just the super rich”.

The absolute scandal of changes to the pension age for women, brought in with inadequate notice, has caused tremendous hardship for a large part of our population. This generation of women who have spent their lives bringing up families and supporting our society. It is an absolute scandal – the Lib Dems will take action.

“I’m very concerned about the future of local hospitals at Southend, Basildon and Chelmsford.  Furthermore we need to restrict housing development in areas that have borne the brunt of change in recent years and we need to upgrade the area’s over-congested road network. Health, education, housing and social care are very high on my agenda.”

I have worked in the public sector, worked in the private sector, been a consultant and a life-long trade unionist.  I believe that I have the breadth of experience and vision to look beyond narrow bickering that turns so many people off politics today.  My particular interest is in Adult Care, but this should not be looked at in isolation.  Out of every ten of us, some will go through life without any problems, others will need some care, and one or two will require major intervention and costly care in later life.  We have to establish a care system that enables us all to prosper through the early years without the worry and stress of providing for our elder relatives and indeed ourselves

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