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The Oxford English Dictionary offers these definitions of flotsam and jetsam:

Flotsam: Such part of the wreckage of a ship or its cargo as is found floating on the surface of the sea.

Jetsam: Goods discarded from a ship and washed ashore; spec. such material thrown overboard in order to lighten a vessel.

‘Flotsam and jetsam’ is sometimes used jocularly for ‘odds and ends’.

So: you will find here things that have fallen overboard from the good ship Bird of Liberty in the region of Castle Point, Rayleigh & Wickford, along with items we have deliberately jettisoned … and some other stuff.

Sid, Chris and Jackie

Sid, Chris and Jackie

This detritus falls into three main categories:

  • Articles from the Rayleigh Times, mostly written by Sid Cumberland from 1997 onwards, more recently with contributions by Chris Black and Jackie Dillnutt; these articles have been interspersed with offerings from other political parties, and have tended to combine local politics with national and regional issues.
  • Occasional news articles, usually to do with various goings on at Essex County Council.
  • A handful of longer pieces, on issues like voting systems and the economic crisis, and reflections on other national and international issues.

More local information can be found at the site run by Lib Dem councillors on Rochford District Council at onlinefocus.org




Header photos

The photos you will see at the top of the page demonstrate the size and diversity of these two constituencies. Rayleigh High Street should be fairly obvious, but there are also views of Hockley Woods, Hadleigh Castle, Canvey (across Benfleet Creek), the River Crouch, Wallasea Island, bluebells in the Roach valley and more.